Established in 1997, Intelligent Software Modeling, Inc., is a software consulting and product development firm with extensive experience in the analysis and implementation of both distributed and intelligent systems across a variety of domains developing solutions for a number of Fortune 100 companies.

The hallmark of these efforts has consistently been the adoption of new technological perspectives that yield clear and elegant answers, characterized by significant reductions in development time, substantial code efficiencies, and considerable ease in adding or altering functionality. A full range of services, employing a diverse array of tools and languages, are available by contacting the firm.

In 2001, the founders focused on the financial industry, fulltime, honing their skills on a new domain while working for significant global leaders and one outstanding five-man algorithmic trading group. Now, in 2018, the firm is proudly announcing its first product release for the financial industry, ISMFIX Engine , a Java, zero garbage, low latency FIX Engine.

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