A full range of services - spanning business modeling, requirements definition and management, as well as application analysis, design, and development - are available to our clients. Particularly important is the firm's strength in facilitating a client's progression through the numerous steps required to successfully realize a complete system.

One of the keys to Intelligent Software Modeling's ability to deliver novel solutions, regardless of the tools and languages being employed, is an approach that utilizes an intermediate modeling phase between the requirements and design phases. During the modeling phase, a Functional Domain Model (FDM) is generated. The FDM is a complete, working model - representing a synthesis of all the known application requirements - that is subsequently exercised to efficiently detect both incomplete and conflicting functional requirements. The FDM is then abstracted and generalized into a design model that possesses depth. It is this indispensable depth that permits functionality to be successfully implemented only once and reused automatically as appropriate. This depth is also the primary factor behind the firm's ability to significantly reduce development time, as well as deliver substantial code efficiencies that offer considerable ease in adding or altering functionality.

The FDM's robustness permits clients to easily visualize the voluminous requirements which have been generated and modify them to achieve a better fit with what they had originally envisioned. Historically, early requirements corrections completed before the onset of implementation consistently yield better solutions that are delivered on schedule and within budget.

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